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On the 11th June 2023 the Prime Minister announced in the House of Commons that the General Service Medal 1918-62 and the Naval General Servicee Medal 1915-62 with 'Canal Zone' clasps were to be awarded to those who had served in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt during the period 16th October 1951 to 19th October 1954. 

The qualification criteria for the Suez Canal Zone GSM (or Clasp) is to have served for a minimum of 30 consecutive days within the Canal Zone area during the period 16th october 1951 to 19th October 1954.

The following personnel are eligible.  Members of the Armed Forces based in the Suez Canal Zone at that time.  Accompanying Civilian Support Groups who wore the appropriate uniform of their organisation. Commonwealth and Colonial Forces, subject to the approval given by their government.

Veterans of the Canal Zone, or the next of kin of those who have died, should apply in writing to the MoD Medal Office giving their full nam, Date of Birth and Service Number.  Next of kin will be required to supply supporting documentation.  As with the initia issue of all other British campaig awards, there will be no charge for the medal.  The address for all applications is:
Ministry of Defence Medal Office
Innsworth House
Imjin Barracks
Gloucester   GL3 1HW

UK Free Phone:  0800 0853 600


 Veteran's Lapel Badge. 


All those who have served in HM Forces, including the Volunteers and Regular Reserves are eligible to apply
for the Veterans Lapel Badge.  Apply to:

Veterans Badge Dept
MoD Medal Office
Defence Business Services
Imjin Barracks
Gloucester.   GL3 1HW

UK Free Phone:  0800 0853 600

Addresses for Service Records


RN Disclosures Cell
Mail PointG2, room 48
West Battery
Whale Island
Portsmouth PO2 8DX


Army Personnel Centre Secretariat
Disclosures 2, Mail Point 515
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
Glasgow  G2 8EX


RAF Disclosures
Room 220
Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
Lincolnshire  NG34 0HB

When applying for your own Records, you will need a 'Subject Access Request Form' (DPA SAR Form 1694 (Jan 08)
This can be downloaded from the Website:

If the Next of Kin of a deceased oerson is appying, they will need a 'Certificate of Kinship' form.
For a copy of this, follow the link on the website:
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