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The Suez Veterans' Association was formed in February 1997 after a visit to the Suez Canal Zone area in Egypt by a number of Veterans who had served there.  Membership was open to all who served in the Canal Zone as members of the British Armed Forces, Nursing Services and all civilian support groups up to the year 1956.  The aims of the Association were to rekindle and promote a spirit of comradeship amongst those who had served in the Zone, to hold periodic reunions in the UK, to organise an annual visit to the Zone and issue  a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed of activities.

By word of mouth, letters printed in local newspapers and any other possible means, the membership grew year by year. As time went on the Association had members in many European countries, plus Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Nepal.
The UK was divided into areas with each area having a representative who arranged meetings and events within their area.  Most areas formed their own Group or Branch.

Two national reunions, spring and autumn, were held each year where the comradeship known in their younger days continued.  A ten day visit to the Zone was arranged each year where a hotel on the banks of Lake Timsah was used.  Outings were arranged to visit places familiar to the Veterans and Wreath Laying ceremonies were held at the British Military Cemeteries at Fayid and Moascar. (Ismailia.)

Eventually, membership numbers began to fall, the youngest would be in their mid-eighties, illness and infirmity was taking its toll, at the 2017 AGM it was decided to gradually close the Association during the summer of 2019.  

In August 2009 I took over managing the Association's wbsite, (and in November 2011 took over as membership Secretary,) I enjoyed both jobs and made many friends and acquaintances.  Because the Association was closing and the period of hosting payment expired on 6th September the website closed.  I wondered about information pages on the site that were most visited and after much thought decided to register my own website, this one, and include those pages here.  I also want to include updates regarding the final days of the SVA.  There are two more evnts to be held.
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Richard Woolley.

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