view of suez canal 

The Suez Veterans Association's final Parade and Service

Saturday 19th October 2019.

The weather was rather damp when the two coaches left the hotel to go to the National Memorial Arboretum, but after arrival it cleared and there were some sunny intervals, raincoats and umbrellas were not required.
Muster for those who wished to march to the Suez Veterans' Association Memorial Garden was at 11.45 a.m. on Giffard Avenue. The Parade was led by Donald Jarron, the Pipe, then Monty Murrell the Parade Marshal with the Rev. Peter Folks and 3 Standard Bearers, followed by around 40 members were able to  take part. Over 100 people gathered at the SVA Memorial and, after a bit of a hitch with the sound system, Cedric Barker welcomed everyone to what was to be the final Parade and Service.  The Rev. Peter Folks  gave an address and opening prayers, Tony Spray gave a Bible reading.  Wreaths were laid whilst the Piper played a Lament.  Also laid at the base of the Cross were, a single red rose and a spray of flowers.  Rev. Peter Folks gave prayers remembering those who lost their lives in the Canal Zone, and those Veterans who had passed away since. 'The Last Post' and 'Reveille' were played by Jeff Malone with Richard Woolley giving 'The Exhortation' and having a minutes silence in between.  Peter Folks said the closing prayers and gave a Blessing.
Appreciation for attending the event was given by Cedric Barker and Jeff Malone played the National Anthem.  The Parade marched off passing a saluting base where Bill Lawrie took the Salute, while the Piper played a rousing tune.  People then mingled around, having a chat with others and taking photos before wandering off to visit other Memorials, pr visit the restaurant.

Start of the parade
Start of the Parade with the Rev Peter Folks.
mopre on parade
A few more - not all in step!

some had a ride
Some needed a ride.

Monty and standard bearers
Monty Murrell, Parade Marshal, with the Standard Bearers.
two standard bearers
Two of the Standard Bearers.

Rev Peter Folks
The Rev. Peter Folks takes the Service.
Cedric Barker giving a welcome
Cedric Barker welcomes everyone.

Tony Spray
Tony Spray giving a Bible reading.
Richard Woolley
Richard Woolley recited the Exhortation.

The Piper
Donald Jarron - the Piper.
Jeff Malone
Jeff Malone played the bugle.

Wreath bearers
Wreath Bearers. Tony Lord - Evelyn Norton - Derek Pay....
Josie Barnard
  ....and this young lass who laid a wreath on behalf
of her Grandad

  4 photos of the seated visitors

A group by the cross
For photos by the Cross.
wreaths by the cross
The wreaths and flowers.

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